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$14,600,000 Verdict (Orange County)

Simone vs. Estate of Bruce Jameson

The plaintiff was riding a bicycle at night with no lights when a car hit him causing a spine injury that required surgery.

$9,000,000 Verdict (Orange County)

Soulliere vs. Suzuki Motor Corp.

Suzuki made faulty front brakes in their 2004 to 2013 GSX-R motorcycles and knowingly hid the defect from regulators and the American public. Mr. Soulliere was riding a Suzuki motorcycle when his brakes failed and he broke his leg.

$5,000,000 Settlement During Trial (Van Nuys)

Sosa vs. Menlo Trust and Royal Village Apartments, LLC

Defendant failed to maintain the staircase at one of their many properties and Mr. Sosa fell when a step broke injuring his knee and low back.

$4,400,000 Verdict (Los Angeles)

White vs. Koocherian

Ms. White was riding a Vespa when a car cut her off and she fell down injuring her lower back and she needed a surgery.

$4,200,000 Verdict (Long Beach)

Barboza vs. Global Paratransit

Mr. Barboza was hit from behind at a stop light and suffered a low back injury requiring surgery. This was a prop 213 case meaning he could only recover his medical expenses and lost wages.

$4,000,000 Settlement (Los Angeles)

Car Collision - September 2021

Plaintiff was involved in a car collision when a semi-truck driver negligently switched travel lanes. She suffered PTSD from the incident as well as a concussion. Defendants disputed liability and the nature and extent of her injuries.

$3,600,000 Verdict (Los Angeles)

Flores vs. M&N Rug Enterprise, LLC

Plaintiff fell from from a scaffold while painting a building and suffered broken wrists and a head injury. Defense tried to argue he was not an employee.

$3,500,000 Verdict (Los Angeles)

Sena vs. KBP Investco, LLC

Ms. Sena fell out of a window that was below the mandatory height requirement. Defense argued it was her fault because she was intoxicated. She had no memory of the fall and suffered broken wrists and a fractured vertebrae.

$2,800,000 Settlement (Sacramento)

Traumatic Brain Injury - November 2019

Plaintiff suffered a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). The case settled just before jury selection in trial.

$2,700,000 Verdict (Van Nuys)

Whipple vs. US Metro

U.S. Metro Group knowingly allowed a janitorial manager to access work sites during late night hours to sexually assault an underage girl.

$2,500,000 Verdict (Orange County)

Stewart Family vs. Orange County Sheriff Department

The Stewarts were driving their son to school when an Orange County Sheriff ran a red light and hit them causing a low back injury to the father and emotional injuries to the mother and son.

$2,500,000 Settlement (Sacramento)

Akers vs. Packard Enterprise Company

Mrs. Akers was involved in auto crash and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Defendants disputed liability and the nature and extent of her injuries.

$2,000,000 Settlement (Los Angeles)

Auto vs. Pedestrian - November 2021

Plaintiffs were crossing the street in the San Fernando Valley when a taxi failed to stop at a red light. One Plaintiff suffered a broken foot after the wheel of the taxi ran over it and plaintiff developed chronic pain. Another Plaintiff suffered a sprained knee and wrist while trying to avoid being hit. Their child suffered soft tissue injuries which she recovered from.

$1,700,000 Verdict (Long Beach)

Marquez vs. OB Trucking

Defendant ran a stop sign in his truck and collided with Mr. Marquez causing a low back and neck injury.

$1,650,000 Million Dollar Settlement During Trial (Los Angeles)

DePriest vs. Four Walls, LLC - May 2019

Ms. DePriest was a tenant at an apartment complex. She was walking down a set of stairs when the lip of a step broke and she fell. She injured her neck and had surgery.

$1,608,000 Verdict (Los Angeles)

Trip & Fall - December 2021

Trip & fall resulting in a significant shoulder injury

$1,500,000 Settlement (San Diego)

Auto vs. Pedestrian - February 2022

The defendant was driving and not paying attention when they struck our client in a crosswalk causing a low back injury that required surgery.

$1,500,000 Verdict (Los Angeles)

Williams vs. G&H Non Medical Emergency Transport - 2019

Ms. Williams received a $1.5 million dollar pain and suffering verdict for a broken femur. She was a wheelchair bound amputee with severe dementia who was being transported to dialysis due to her end stage renal failure. She broke her femur when she fell out of her wheelchair on her way to dialysis due to not being properly secured in the medical transport vehicle.

$1,500,000 Verdict (Fresno)

Mendez vs. Go Express, LLC

Defendant was driving a truck and rammed into the back of Mr. Mendez as he was stopped at a stop sign. Mr. Mendez had to have back surgery.

$1,300,000 Settlement (San Diego)

Rear-end Collision - March 2022

Our client was rear ended and sustained a low back injury. He had to have a L5-S1 fusion. Trial was in two weeks and after just two and a half years, we were able to resolve his case.

$1,250,000 Recovery Before Filing a Lawsuit

April 2020

Ashley suffered a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) after a van’s driver window clipped her while she was walking to school causing her to fall and hit her head. She experienced symptoms including headaches and irritability. The case was resolved after just six months and before a lawsuit was filed.

$1,100,000 Verdict (West Covina)

Moran vs. Share

Mr. Moran was hit from behind and suffered a low back injury.

$1,100,000 Verdict (Alhambra)

Carter vs. Stepter - February 2020

Defendants disputed liability and presented evidence that Mr. Carter rear ended a truck. Defendants disputed Mr. Carter’s need for a neck surgery and future neck surgery. We showed the Defendant truck driver swerved into Mr. Carter’s lane at the last moment. The jury believed Mr. Carter needed the neck surgeries and medical treatment and found the Defendants 100% at fault.

$1,050,000 Settlement (Los Angeles)

Rideshare Crash - March 2022

Our client was driving when she was involved in a rear-end collision suffering a low back injury. We are happy to resolve her case and close this chapter in her life.

$1,000,000 Settlement (Employment Law)

Wrongful Termination - April 2021

A man was wrongfully terminated from his job after suffering an injury. Rather than engaging in California's interactive process, his employer terminated him. We recovered a $1 million settlement on his behalf.

$720,000 Settlement (Los Angeles)

Bicycle Accident - July 2020

A man was riding his bicycle on Pacific Coast Highway when two cars sideswiped each other and clipped the back of his bicycle causing him to crash. He suffered a knee injury that required arthroscopic surgery as well as a fractured ankle.

$697,000 Verdict (Los Angeles)

 Nzari vs. Roth 

A woman suffered an injury to the facet joints in her cervical spine resulting in chronic pain after being in a rear end car crash. We were able to demonstrate her injury was permanent in nature and obtained a $697,000 verdict with $600,000 in pain and suffering damages.

$650,000 Settlement (Monterey County)

Bicycle Accident - March 2021

We resolved this disputed liability bicycle accident in Monterey County on behalf of our client for a favorable amount.

$550,000 Settlement (Los Angeles)

Common Carrier Accident - June 2021

A bus driver failed to maintain a safe following distance and speed and was forced to stop abruptly which resulted in a collision with our client’s vehicle causing her to hit her head on the seat in front of her.

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