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Wrongful Death Case?


We are really sorry to hear about your loss and I can imagine this has been a tough situation for you. You have definitely come to the right firm since we specialize in these types of cases.

Thanks for submitting! Someone will contact you shortly!

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What Makes Us Different

We have a track record of securing multi-million-dollar results for clients in all stages of a case. Typically the firms you see advertising in those mediums don’t have the capability to handle a case beyond a certain threshold and they will then refer it to a firm like ours.

$14,600,000 Verdict (Orange County)

Simone vs. Estate of Bruce Jameson
The plaintiff was riding a bicycle at night with no lights when a car hit him causing a spine injury that required surgery.

$9,000,000 Verdict (Orange County)

Soulliere vs. Suzuki Motor Corp.
Suzuki made faulty front brakes in their 2004 to 2013 GSX-R motorcycles and knowingly hid the defect from regulators and the American public. Mr. Soulliere was riding a Suzuki motorcycle when his brakes failed and he broke his leg.

$4,400,000 Verdict (Los Angeles)

White vs. Koocherian
Ms. White was riding a Vespa when a car cut her off and she fell down injuring her lower back and she needed a surgery.

$4,200,000 Verdict (Long Beach)

Barboza vs. Global Paratransit
Mr. Barboza was hit from behind at a stop light and suffered a low back injury requiring surgery. This was a prop 213 case meaning he could only recover his medical expenses and lost wages.

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